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Women’s Motorcycle Month Is a Great Time to Remind Motorists of Sharing the Road

Grabbing the handlebars and heading down the road on a Harley isn’t an activity only for men. In fact, many women own and ride motorcycles now. In the past, women have been known to take a ride on their boyfriends’ or husbands’ motorcycles. Now women — in larger numbers — are moving from being passengers to motorcycle operators themselves.

Because of the increase in women ridership and ownership, it is important to celebrate Women’s Motorcycle Month this July. Women now account for over 12 percent of motorcycle owners in this nation, according to the 2012 Motorcycle Industry Council survey. More importantly, this trend is continuing to increase.

What’s exciting is that women who ride, overall, tend to be more safety conscious. According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, women make up one-third of the riders who take motorcycle safety courses — designed to teach riders about motorcycles and how to ride safely — and more women than men are completing the training.

Women and Motorcycles

A woman on a motorcycle represents someone’s grandmother, mother, daughter, wife, sister, or girlfriend. Because drivers never know who is under a helmet, it is important that all motorists treat all motorcyclists with respect and share the road properly. While women tend to be more safety conscious than male motorcyclists, women can still encounter danger on the open road due to the negligence of other drivers.

Because July is Women’s Motorcycle Month, it is important to take this opportunity and remind all drivers how to drive safely around motorcycles. Here are five safety tips:

  1. Because motorcycles are small, they are easy to ignore. Make sure you always look out for motorcycles.

  2. Since motorcycles can be hidden in a car’s blind spots, it is critical to take an extra look over your shoulders and in the mirrors before changing lanes.

  3. Because motorcycles are small, they may seem like they are farther away than they are. This makes making a turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle difficult to judge. Do yourself and that motorcyclist a favor, and don’t turn in front of a motorcycle. Always be safe and assume the motorcycle is closer than it appears.

  4. Just because a motorcycle is small and can easily be maneuvered, don’t assume a motorcyclist will always be able to move out of the way. Always drive safely near motorcycles.

  5. Because motorcyclists can downshift without applying brakes, it is important to allow more following distance behind a motorcycle. Also, slippery roads and dangerous road conditions can make it hard for motorcycles to stop on a dime.

Because a motorcyclist can be your friend, neighbor, co-worker, or relative, it is important to follow these safety tips on the road in order to share the road safely and reduce motorcycle accidents in Florida.

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