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Who is Eligible to Pursue a Wrongful Death Suit in Florida?

No one is ever prepared to lose a loved one, especially to an irresponsible drunk driver; however, fatal accidents in Florida and around this nation sadly occur each and every day.  Although there is no way to get that person back, there is a way to help your loved one seek justice for the wrong that was done to them.

Pursue a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in South Florida

Not everyone is eligible to pursue a wrongful death suit after losing a loved one. So, who is? Survivors of the person who was fatally injured in the South Florida drunk driving wreck may be entitled to seek compensation.

Those that may be eligible to pursue a wrongful death claim in Florida include:

  • Husband or Wife (Spouse)
  • Sons and Daughters (Children)
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Brothers and Sisters (Siblings)
  • Nieces and Nephews
  • More

If you can show that you were a dependent of the deceased or were dependent upon the decedent at the time of their death, you may be eligible to seek financial compensation for your losses and expenses.

You may be entitled to compensation for funeral expenses, loss of companionship, loss of support, loss of parental guidance, lost wages, and instances of pain and suffering and more.

Pursue a Florida wrongful death lawsuit to send the message that drunk driving is not acceptable, and call a knowledgeable wrongful death attorney in South Florida to make sure your rights to a financial recovery are protected. Accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale David Benenfeld can be reached for a free, no-obligation discussion of your case at 954-677-0155.

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