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What to Do When My Boss Wants Me To Return To Work After My Workplace Injury In Florida

If you have suffered an injury on the job that required you to be off of work, you probably received workers’ compensation benefits in Florida. During this time, you will be treated by a physician and you may have received surgery, physical therapy or chiropractic treatments. Your treating physician will monitor your progress and will determine if and when you are able to return to your previous work duties.

Sometimes, injured workers can return to their previous jobs and other times injured workers might be able to return to work only to perform lighter work duties while their injuries continue to heal. In either event, injured workers may have a difficult time returning to full-time work after being injured.

Your treating doctor—not your employer—will determine when you can return to work after your workplace injury in Florida. It will depend on your injuries and whether or not you have reached a level of maximum medical improvement (MMI). When your doctor feels you have reached this stage, he or she will complete a return to work form. When this takes place, your employer will be notified that you are ready to return to work.

It is important to understand your rights as an injured worker and your company’s return to work policy under the workers’ compensation program. Although you might not feel ready to return to full-time work, you might be required to perform lighter work duties, according to your physician’s orders. If your employer is demanding you do more than those lighter duties, you should notify your physician, the workers’ comp representative, and possibly a workers’ comp lawyer.

If you go back to your old duties before the doctor releases you, you can hurt your physical recovery and your workers’ comp claim. This is why your employer should be kept up to date on your recovery and should work with you on finding work that is accommodating to your physical restrictions. If they are not willing to work with you, you need a lawyer who can protect you under the law.

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