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What Are Some Serious Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse?

With staffs that are often poorly trained and overworked and patients that are frequently unable to complain, nursing home abuse is quite common. Here are some signs you should watch for if your loved one is in a nursing home.

Some signs of abuse are more obvious than others. The most visible signs are unexplained skin injuries, such as bruising, bleeding, open wounds or burns and abrasions. You should also pay attention to any sudden weight or hair loss. Another place to look for signs of abuse are in personal items. Torn or bloody sheets and clothing are good indicators of abuse.

Other signs of abuse don’t manifest themselves physically and can be more difficult to detect. Abuse can be seen through sudden changes in behavior, such as unresponsiveness, listlessness or other unusual actions. Abuse victims can also seem more withdrawn, either mentally or physically. Because abuse often involves theft, another way to detect it is to watch for missing personal items or sudden money withdrawals.

If you suspect nursing home abuse, contact the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld P.A, one of the top injury law services in Fort Lauderdale, to learn more about your legal rights.

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