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Understanding Slip And Fall Issues

Did you know that there is a category of the law known as premises liability and it includes an area called “slip and fall” injury? This is actually an extremely common issue that has to do with someone experiencing an injury, and even some subsequent emotional distress, due to what should have been an avoidable fall or tumble. Often it results in the need, by the injured party, for a qualified Miami slip and fall attorney.

Let’s just consider a fairly common example of such an incident to see why a Miami slip and fall attorney is going to be required. Let’s say that you are helping someone to empty their basement, and as you walk across the floor your foot becomes lodged in an uncovered drain hole. This causes you to fall and break your lower leg. Although the person that you are helping summons emergency medical treatment and you reach the hospital in a matter of minutes, they refuse to pay for the care. This is a perfect moment to hire a Miami slip and fall attorney to help you with the case.

Remember, it won’t just be the medical expenses associated with the injury that you will require; it will also be the lost wages and even the emotional distress caused by the incident and the subsequent turmoil. Your Miami slip and fall attorney will demonstrate that basic safety was ignored in the incident and that all of the volunteers helping to empty the basement should have been warned about any and all hazards.

While a slip and fall issue is going to be considered a premises liability issue, you are probably going to discover that a personal injury attorney is suitable to tackling the case. Before just hiring any attorney, however, you should ask them about their experience or background with such issues. For example, you might ask if they have successfully won lawsuits similar to yours? Are they familiar with the judges, clerks, and other attorneys involved in the court system handling the case? Do they actually handle a lot of slip and fall cases throughout the year?

Only by taking a few minutes of time to clarify the attorney’s level of expertise and experience can you be sure they are suitable to your needs. Most attorneys will be more than happy to reassure potential clients of their abilities, but if they hesitate to answer you may want to continue your search.

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