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Types Of Workplace Injuries

Following an accident at work, individuals are often unsure if their injuries qualify as reasons to file claims against their employers, leaving them, at times, unable to perform the daily tasks associated with their jobs but fearful of filing for workers’ compensation.What, then, constitutes a true workplace injury? Below are some of the most common injuries that occur at work:

Fractures/ Breaks

Employees claim compensaton for broken bones, such as arm and wrist fractures, leg fractures, and other breaks following accidents at work. Regardless of how you sustained the injury, you may consider making a claim if your accident occurred on the job.

Carpal tunnel

Typing can injure the wrist and lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are not provided proper support in order to position your wrist correctly, you may be able to pursue a workers’ compensation claim. Chefs and cooks tend to suffer from the injury.


If you are severely burned on the job, you can file a claim for compensation.

Injuries to the Back, Head, and Neck

Heavy lifting causes back and neck injuries to many workers, and employers must provide their employees with proper back support if lifting is involved in the job. Slip and fall accidents, including trips, can lead to head, back, and neck injuries as well.


Some jobs lead to serious cuts for workers.While some cuts simply require ointments and bandaids, falls and other accidents can lead to cuts requiring stitches.


Much like carpal tunnel, this type of injury results from repetitive motion and overuse of the same part of the body.Some tendonitis injuries are caused by work-related activities.

While many other possible workplace injuries exist, the ones listed here are relatively common.If you sustained any type of injury at work that may have been caused by the negligence or actions of another employee or the company, feel free to call us with your most pressing questions.We will answer your questions for free and handle your case with professionalism and compassion.Call (toll free) 954-677-0155.

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