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Types Of Knee Injuries That Could Qualify For Florida Workers’ Compensation Benefits

It seems as if it is safer to work inside an office building than out on a construction site or in a manufacturing or industrial plant. Although this may be true statistically, knee injuries at work can occur just about everywhere no matter the kind of work. All workers including: construction workers, office workers, teachers, healthcare workers and more can slip and fall or trip over something and suffer a knee injury on-the-job in Florida.

Knee injuries are so common that millions of Americans visit emergency rooms and their primary care doctors every year for knee pain of some type. Although not all of these knee injuries occur at work, a certain percentage of these injuries do take place on-the-job.

Types of knee injuries that could occur at work include:

  • MCL – medial collateral ligament injury
  • ACL – anterior cruciate ligament injury
  • LCL – lateral collateral ligament injury
  • PCL – posterior cruciate ligament injury

These are the four main ligaments of the knee that, when injured, often require surgery and time off of work to heal. There are many other soft tissues that help stabilize the knee and could have also been injured in your Florida work accident.

When you damage your knee, you may not be able to see certain injuries visibly. This is why you should seek medical care immediately. Hospitals and doctors should run the appropriate tests such as an X-ray and MRI. Often times, those with knee injuries need to visit an orthopedic surgeon for a full diagnosis.

If your knee is causing you pain, is swollen, or if it is difficult to place weight on your knee, then you may have suffered a knee injury at work in Florida and may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Knee injuries are not only painful, but they are frustrating because they cause immobility. When a worker is used to driving to work, walking and performing specific tasks at work that require the function of the knee, he or she may be entitled to Florida workers’ compensation benefits.

Because workers’ compensation benefits can sometimes be difficult to receive on your own, you should talk with a skilled Broward County workers’ compensation attorney to find out your rights and how to receive the benefits you are entitled to.
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