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Types Of Broken Bone Injuries Caused By FL Motorcycle Accidents

A Broward County motorcycle accident is likely to cause a myriad of serious injuries. But the most common type of motorcycle accident injury is broken and fractured bones. When a car or truck collides with a motorcycle, extreme impact is exerted on the bones. Depending on the severity of the injury and the collision, broken bones may take a longer time to heal and recover than most people often recognize.

A broken bone or fracture occurs when the physical force exerted on the bone is stronger than the bone itself. As adults age, our bones become more brittle and become fractured more easily. Couple aging brittle bones with the occurrence of a motorcycle accident, the rider will require a substantial amount of time to heal along with multiple medical expenses and lost wages.

Bone Fracture Categories

  • Displaced and Non-Displaced – when the bone snaps into two or more pieces, the bones do not line up straight and are displaced. A bone can also crack but still maintain its correct alignment, which is considered non-displaced.

  • Closed and Open – when the bone breaks without puncture to the skin, it is closed. When the bone breaks and breaks through the skin, it is considered open. Open fractures are more serious and prone to deep bone infection.

Types of Bone Fractures

  1. Greenstick Fracture – often occurring in children, the bone bends and is labeled incomplete

  2. Hairline/Stress Fracture – small cracks in bones, often initially unnoticed at time of accident

  3. Transverse Fracture – the fracture runs across the bone at a right angle, causing it to break into two pieces

  4. Comminuted Fracture – the impact causes breaks in at least three pieces, very difficult to recover and treat

  5. Avulsion Fracture – the ligament or tendon pulls off a piece of the bone, usually requiring surgery

  6. Oblique Fracture – severe accidents may cause one bone to twist over another trapped broken bone.  The diagonal fracture occurs on the long axis of the bone.

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