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Top Tips For Getting Workers’ Compensation Coverage


What should you do if you were injured on the job and you need to seek workers’ compensation benefits? It is critical to know how to move forward with a workers’ compensation case and, most importantly, to seek advice from an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in South Florida as soon as you can. Getting hurt at work can be a devastating experience, and our firm wants to make sure that you have the tips you need in order to receive the compensation to help you with financial costs while you are unable to work. The following are some of the top tips for getting workers’ compensation coverage from our Pompano Beach workers’ compensation attorneys.

Report Your Injury Quickly 

Under the Florida Statutes, an injured worker must report their injury to their employer as quickly as possible, but at least within 30 days from the date of the injury. If you do not report your injury within 30 days from the date it occurred or the date you were diagnosed, you could risk being ineligible for workers’ compensation benefits. There are limited exceptions, but the best thing to do is to report the injury immediately, or as soon as you possibly can to avoid any questions about the reporting timeline and whether you met this requirement.

Document the Scene Where Your Injury Occurred 

It is critical to document the accident scene as best as you can, including taking names of any other co-workers or witnesses who saw what happened, taking photographs at the scene (or video) on your phone, and even jotting down notes at the time of the accident so that you have a clear recollection of what happened.

See a Doctor Immediately

 Never wait to get medical care. If you delay seeking medical care, your injury could worsen. You should know that Florida law requires injured workers to see approved providers, but you can see any doctor for an initial, emergency visit. Do not delay getting emergency medical care because you do not know whether the doctor you are planning to see is on the list of approved providers.

Hire a Lawyer to Help 

A workers’ compensation attorney in South Florida can help you with every aspect of your workers’ compensation case, so do not delay in seeking legal advice.

Contact Our Pompano Beach Workers’ Compensation Lawyers 

Do you have questions about how to get workers’ compensation coverage in South Florida? Do you need assistance seeking workers’ compensation benefits or appealing a denial of benefits? If your injury arose out of your work, it is important to find out immediately about seeking workers’ compensation benefits. You should contact an experienced Pompano Beach workers’ compensation lawyer at the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A. as soon as you can to learn more about the steps you should take following a workplace injury. It is not always easy to understand the workers’ compensation process in Florida, and you should know that an attorney at our firm is here to help you. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us for assistance and for more information.


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