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The Reality Of Florida Multi Car Pile-Ups

Multi car pile-ups come in different shapes and sizes. Sadly, a five car pile-up made Florida headlines recently when a father and his sons found themselves trapped within their SUV in a water filled canal. Most of us hold the picture of a multiple car pile-up occurring on a freeway during the evening rush hour. This time, even worse, it was near a school, just minutes after the students were released. Multiple car crashes often occur when drivers are in a rush, distracted, or tailgating.

While kids were still hopping into mini vans at 2:30pm, traffic congestion quickly crammed the streets as it does every day near Sawgrass Elementary School. One SUV parent carrying four kids grew more impatient, sped up, and rear-ended the car in front, causing the other driver and his two young sons to land into a nearby canal. The crash triggered a chain reaction in the cars behind, as well. The report states that the third car hit a pick-up, which hit a bus filled with children on their way to an after school karate class. The father and two sons were trapped in their water flooded vehicle and received treatment at a nearby hospital.

Reportedly, the driver of the SUV is found to be at sole fault for the St. Petersburg five car pile-up. This multiple car crash is receiving so much attention, no doubt, because the severity which involved children being trapped within a canal. While drivers should show special caution to speed, tailgating, and attention during and around school hours, often times this just isn’t the case—even when the driver is a parent of children at the nearby school.

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