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The Effects Of A Punctured Lung From A South Florida Car Crash

When police arrived on scene of a serious South Florida car crash, they found a victim who did not appear to be breathing. After extracting the person from the car and transporting him to the hospital, authorities learned that the victim ended up suffering a punctured lung.

What is a punctured lung?

Lungs inflate when the muscles of the chest expand. It is often described as a balloon image. When the lungs stretch, they inflate. Similarly, the muscles relax upon exhaling. If there is an air leak in the lung that causes air to get into the chest, the lung can collapse inside the chest.

This often occurs when a fractured rib punctures the lung. Lungs can be punctured from a severe blow to the chest or head during a South Florida car accident. When left untreated, a punctured lung can result in a collapsed lung.

When a collapsed lung is caught and treated in time, victims can sometimes go on to lead a normal healthy life. However, collapsed lungs can also lead to death as a result of a violent Fort Lauderdale auto accident.

How will you know if you suffer from a punctured lung?

There are many symptoms of punctured lungs that include:

  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Body can turn blue
  • Weakened, rapid pulse

The symptoms of a collapsed lung are similar to those of a punctured lung that include:

  • Sharp pain
  • Rapid breathing that is shallow
  • Body turns blue (Cyanosis)
  • Rapid pulse with lowered blood pressure

When punctured lungs and collapsed lungs result from Florida car accidents, they will generally require medical treatment. Typically chest X-rays, a CT scan and a Bronchoscopy may be performed on the victim to determine if there is a punctured or collapsed lung. Once determined, treatment may vary depending on the cause of the lung injury. Treatment can include:

  • Clearing the airway, suctioning the airways or bronchoscopy
  • Needle inserted through chest wall to allow lung to expand
  • Surgery to remove part of the lung
  • Prescription drugs given to treat the fluids that coat the lung
  • Mechanical ventilation

If you were injured in a Fort Lauderdale car accident due to someone else’s negligence, or your loved one died in a crash as a result of a punctured lung, then you should talk with a trusted personal injury lawyer in South Florida to find out about your rights.

You and your family may be entitled to financial compensation for the injuries that occurred. To find out more about your rights, please call an experienced accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale for legal help today. The Law Offices of David Benenfeld will talk to you in a free legal consultation at 954-677-0155, so that you can learn more about your rights with no obligation.

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