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The loss of a loved one is devastating enough. When it is the result of someone else’s negligence or incompetence, the emotional pain can be almost unbearable. Sadly, this suffering is often compounded by insurance companies and their representatives denying their client’s responsibility for your loved one’s death, or offering, at best, token compensation. They may even go so far as to accuse you of being at fault, irrational or looking for a scapegoat.

Lawyer David Benenfeld understands that your feelings of sadness and anger are entirely justified. He is dedicated to holding the people responsible for your loss accountable. Mr. Benenfeld is one of the most respected personal injury attorneys in all of South Florida. He has helped numerous families cope with their grief, obtain all of the money they deserve for their loss, and ultimately, achieve a sense of closure.

Wrongful death can be the result of many factors

Professional Negligence: It’s sad but true. Some professionals simply do not meet the levels of competence that their duties require, or they become distracted from their responsibilities for any number of reasons. A serious injury escapes the notice of a paramedic; a doctor commits medical malpractice; a police officer fires his or her weapon when it was not necessary; a lifeguard doesn’t notice a swimmer who is drowning or fails to respond appropriately; a pharmacist misreads a prescription and provides the patient with the wrong medication. As a result, someone dies. If you believe you have lost a loved one due to the incompetence or negligence of another, contact Mr. Benenfeld today.  A skilled Sunrise, FL wrongful death law firm may be able to help you win a case and obtain the financial compensation you deserve.

Drunk Driving: In 2006, more than 1,000 people were killed in alcohol-related accidents in Florida alone. The wrongful death of a loved one at the hands of a drunk driver is one of the most painful and frustrating tragedies any family can experience. Defense lawyers often argue that the drunk driver who caused another’s death has suffered enough, Mr. Benenfeld knows better-the family is suffering, not the driver. He will fight tooth and nail to hold the responsible driver accountable for his or her crime and help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your loss.

Harmful Products: In the business world, companies focus on the bottom line. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads them to manufacture or market products that, while profitable, cause the death of people who purchase and use the product.Thousands of Americans die every year from using hazardous products, including pharmaceuticals, dangerous chemicals, defective tires and many more. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed by using a harmful product, Mr. Benenfeld can help you obtain all of the financial compensation to which you are entitled.

The financial impact of wrongful death on survivors

Let’s put aside, for a moment, the devastating emotional suffering that accompanies losing a loved one due to the negligent actions of another. Many American families rely on two paychecks to cover basic expenses such as a mortgage, utilities, groceries, automobile payments, insurance, and the day-to-day cost of raising a family. The loss of one of these paychecks often leads to financial catastrophe for the entire family.

This is why you owe it to yourself and your surviving family members to pursue a claim of wrongful death against the party responsible for the loss of your loved one. It’s not about revenge. It’s about obtaining financial compensation for your loss so that you and your family can survive. Once the matter has been settled, you will be better able to focus on the emotional aspects of the loss of your loved one and gain a sense of closure.

Dedicated Sunrise wrongful death lawyer providing justice for victims in South Florida

David Benenfeld is an aggressive, respected and sought-after advocate for victims of personal injury throughout South Florida. He understands the tactics employed by insurance companies and their representatives to deny all responsibility for the injury or death and to minimize the amount of money they pay to victims. His reputation precedes him. Insurance company lawyers and adjusters are well aware that if Mr. Benenfeld has accepted the case, they are in for a fight, their usual tricks will not work, and they had better take the matter seriously.

If you have recently lost a loved one due to circumstances that could have been prevented, or due to the negligence or incompetence of someone else, contact The Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld P.A. for a free legal consultation today. It’s your case. Your future. Your life. You deserve the best possible representation. You’ll get precisely that with Sunrise wrongful death lawyer David M. Benenfeld.

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