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Sprain And Strain Injuries On The Job In Sunrise, FL


Employees in many different kinds of jobs in Sunrise can suffer sprains or strains at work, and these injuries can be debilitating. While workers typically are able to heal fully from sprains or strains, these injuries can result in a significant number of missed workdays, and they can require extensive medical care in some cases. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), sprains and strains are actually the most common form of workplace injury in the country, and they account for more than 40 percent of injuries that require workers to take time away from the job to recover. What do you need to know about sprains and strains, and seeking compensation after one of these injuries at work? Our Sunrise workers’ compensation lawyers have more information for you.

Understanding Sprains and Strains

 When people refer to sprains or strains, they often use the terms interchangeably or use one or both terms to refer to muscle problems or other soft tissue injuries. The terms are not actually interchangeable, so it is important to understand the distinction if you will be seeking workers’ compensation benefits. What is the difference between a sprain and a strain?

According to the Mayo Clinic, a strain injury is “a stretching or tearing of ligaments — the tough bands of fibrous tissue that connect two bones together in your joints.” Sprains most commonly affect a person’s ankle, but sprains can affect any ligament in the body. Differently, a strain is a term that refers to “an injury to a muscle or a tendon — the fibrous tissue that connects muscles to bones.” Strains can range from minor to severe, with minor strains overstretching a muscle or tendon and severe strains involving partial or complete tears to a muscle or tendon. Strains are also described more colloquially as “pulled muscles.”

The Mayo Clinic clarifies that the “difference between a sprain and a strain is that a sprain injures the bands of tissue that connect two bones together, while a strain involves an injury to a muscle or to the band of tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone.”

Types of Jobs Where Sprains and Strains Can Occur 

Sprains and strains can happen at nearly any job, and the BLS reports that sprains and strains are commonly “the leading nature of injury or illness in every major industry sector.” Examples of jobs where sprains or strains may occur include:

  • Construction;
  • Retail;
  • Warehousing;
  • Transportation;
  • Information technology work;
  • Health care; and
  • Financial and accounting jobs.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Sunrise

 When you have sustained a sprain or strain injury on the job in Sunrise, you should know that you may be eligible to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. The workers’ compensation coverage system in Florida allows injured workers to obtain many different forms of coverage after a work injury, including coverage for health care costs linked to the injury and a percentage of lost wages. If you need help seeking benefits, one of the experienced Sunrise workers’ compensation attorneys at the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A. can learn more about your situation today and can get started on your case.


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