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South Florida Motorcycle Accidents Produce Many Types of Injuries

The thrill and excitement of riding a motorcycle in the Sunshine State overshadows many riders’ fears of being involved in a Florida motorcycle crash and suffering injuries. No matter how fun riding a motorcycle, moped or scooter is in this state, there is still the potential for suffering many types of injuries if involved in a South Florida motorcycle accident.

Some of the many injuries motorcycle riders suffer in motorcycle crashes include:

  • Fracture injuries – motorcyclists often suffer broken bones, ankle fractures and fractured ribs in motorcycle crashes.

  • Scarring – this happens when a rider hits the asphalt and suffers road rash or road burn. This type of injury can cause scars to develop and often requires cosmetic surgery to repair serious scarring.

  • Knee injuries – this type of injury occurs when motorcyclists hits their knees against the ground or their bike as they fall in the crash. Knee injuries can include knee cap damage as well as an ACL tear or other ligament injuries.

  • Collarbone injuries – the shoulders are susceptible to collarbone fractures when motorcyclists fall to the ground in a crash. Surgery is often needed.

  • Back and neck injuries – motorcyclists often suffer serious back and neck injuries from the way they fall, leading to a lifetime of pain. These injuries can include herniated discs, crushed vertebrae or muscle sprains.

  • Internal injuries – when the spleen, liver, kidney, or other organs are compressed in the crash, it can cause internal bleeding and damage.

  • Head injuries – this type of injury could include concussions, memory loss and amnesia.

  • Brain damage – this type of injury occurs when riders hit their heads. Motorcyclists often suffer a traumatic brain injury when a motorcycle helmet is not worn.

  • Spinal cord injuries – this injury occurs when riders get crushed and injure their spinal cords. This injury can result in temporary or permanent paralysis.

If you have suffered any of these injuries in a Broward County motorcycle crash due to the negligence of another driver, it is important to talk with a skilled South Florida personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights to recovery.
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