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South Florida Auto Accidents – a Result of Poor Road Conditions

During certain times of the year, Floridians experience the sky opening up and dumping a huge amount of water in a small amount of time, causing wet road conditions and roads to flood. Although rain shouldn’t prohibit people from driving to work, running errands or doing what they had planned, the weather is something drivers should pay close attention to.

When heavy rain or bad weather affects road conditions, it can contribute to Florida auto accidents and injuries. In fact, approximately 15% of car accidents in Florida happen in wet road conditions. While drivers cannot control the weather or road conditions, there are certain things drivers can do to help protect themselves and their passengers from South Florida auto accidents.

These tips include:

  • Inspect windshield wipers to make sure they function correctly. Having wipers in good conditions when it is raining is critical to your safety.

  • Check washer fluid levels to verify you have enough washer fluid in your reservoir.

  • Check your tire tread to make sure that you have at least 1/8-inch of tread on your tires. Rain often causes cars to hydroplane or lose control when there is not enough tread left to grip the road.

  • Check your tire pressure frequently to make sure you are driving on the right pressure for the weather outside.

  • Having your car maintained properly can also add to your safety when driving in poor road conditions.

  • Turn your headlights on while you are driving in the rain – even during the day time. This way other drivers may see you better and you may avoid a Fort Lauderdale auto accident.

  • Travel at a safe speed. When you are caught in a downpour or the roads are affected from bad weather, remember to slow down. It is crucial that drivers adjust speed to the road conditions.

  • Use traction control if your vehicle has this feature. This will help your vehicle reduce slippage or help it from losing control.

  • Have an emergency kit for your car in case of an accident. You can request a free kit from an accident attorney David Benenfeld called Information Guide for the Auto Accident Victim.

Sometimes it is possible to avoid a Florida car crash from your own driving skills; however, sometimes auto accidents are impossible to avoid no matter how safe you may drive. If you or your passengers are injured in a Broward County accident, please call the Law Offices of David Benenfeld in South Florida to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer today at 954-677-0155.

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