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South Florida Accident Attorney Warns Motorists Of Drugged Drivers

With a medical marijuana bill scheduled to be voted on in November, Florida might become another state to allow medical use of marijuana. While smoking pot has helped many hurting people receive relief from their medical conditions, there is also another aspect Floridians need to consider about this bill.

When marijuana is legalized in the state—even if it is just for medical purposes—there might be a flood of people who fake pain symptoms just to get a prescription for pot. This means that more and more people in our state will be smoking pot, which means that more and more drivers will be driving high on drugs.

Drugged Driving

According to a CBS report, studies have shown that marijuana does reduce nausea, aches and pains for sufferers as well as it can fight glaucoma and boost appetites in cancer patients; however, the study also shows a link between pot and fatal car crashes.

When people smoke pot—even hours before they get into their cars to drive—they have a higher chance of crashing than sober drivers. In fact, the study published in the October issue of Epidemiologic Reviews revealed that drivers who tested positive for pot within three hours of smoking a doobie were more than twice as likely to be involved in a car crash.

What’s shocking is the study found that about 30 percent of drivers who died in wrecks tested positive for drugs, with marijuana being the leading cause. What this means is that marijuana is a major cause of car crashes in this nation.

Concern Over Marijuana-Related Florida Car Accidents

The study’s authors suggest that drivers impaired by marijuana have coordination issues and their reactions worsen—making it more likely for them to crash. If more people can access marijuana for medical use in Florida, there could be more drug-impaired car accidents across our state. This is alarming since there is already a movement underway to pass a medical marijuana bill in Florida.

Even though the law hasn’t yet been passed in our state, there are still many people illegally smoking pot and driving on our roads. If you have been injured in a car crash in Broward County, it is important to notice if the driver seems impaired and to let the police know. It is also critical to get an attorney involved immediately to protect your rights.

Contact the offices of David M. Benefeld if you or a loved one has been injured by a driver under the influence of drugs or medications.

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