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Slow Recovery for Burn Victims of Florida Auto Accidents

Being involved in a Broward County auto accident can be devastating. Most people think injuries from Broward County auto accidents are broken bones or bleeding injuries. That is not always the case.

In some South Florida car crashes, victims have been severely burned and injured. These South Florida auto accident burns can be a result of several things, such as a ruptured gas line, gas tank or radiator, fuel valves or safety devices.

Severe burns can occur in various ways such as:

  • Scalding
  • Combustible liquid burns
  • Contact burns
  • Flammable liquid burns
  • Respiratory burns

A victim involved in a South Florida burn accident can have different degrees of burn injuries. The seriousness of the South Florida burn injury is dependent on how deep the burn is and how much of the body was burned. There are four degrees of burns which include:

  • 1st degree burn.This is a superficial burn that leaves the skin red, but there is no broken skin. The damage is limited to the outer skin.

  • 2nd degree burn.A second degree burn will burn through the top layer of skin and can grow back providing there is not infection.

  • 3rd degree burn.A third degree burn destroys three layers of skin. It is a deeper burn that cannot heal by itself, making skin grafting necessary.

  • 4th degree burn.A fourth degree burn is deep and can go into the underlying tissues, such a muscles and ligaments. These burns can be life threatening.

Third and fourth degree burns can impact a victim’s life. The effects on the South Florida burn injury victim is both long term for physical and psychological recovery. The medical bills, rehabilitation and hospital stays can also be lengthy.

It is important for a Broward County burn injury victim to talk to a skilled auto accident attorney that can document the burn victim’s injuries and recovery process in South Florida, as well as preserve evidence.

If you were a victim of a burn injury from a car accident in South Florida, call the Law Offices of David Benenfeld in South Florida to speak to a knowledgeable auto accident attorney today at 954-677-0155. You may be entitled to financial compensation for injuries, psychological recovery, lost wages and much more.

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