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Seeking A Florida Workers’ Comp Claim After A Lifting Injury

If you have been injured while performing your normal duties at work, you may be entitled to Florida workers’ compensation benefits.If you have suffered a lifting injury at work as a direct result of your job, you need to talk with a South Florida workers’ compensation lawyer to find out about the benefits you may be entitled to.

A Florida lifting injury at work can be caused from normal day to day activities that are required of you.If your job duties involve lifting boxes, equipment, heavy items, bulky items, or things that are awkward to carry, you may be prone to suffer a lifting injury while performing your work duties.

Injuries that often result from lifting accidents on-the-job in Florida include:

  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Leg and knee injuries
  • Herniated disc
  • And more

Lifting injuries could occur from a one time blow during a single accident, or they could have been caused from repetitive trauma over time that your job duties caused.For example, if lifting is a normal party of your job, overtime weakening in the musculoskeletal system may occur – leading to back injuries.

Sometimes an injury can occur as a result of human error, such as lifting not using the correct technique.Other times lifting accidents could have been caused as a result of another co-worker or negligence on the part of your employer.However the accident happened, if you were acting within the scope of your job, you may have a Florida workers’ compensation claim and be entitled to receive benefits.

Lifting injuries suffered on-the-job can be extremely painful, and often requires medical care that may result in missed time from work.When damage to your ligaments, muscles, vertebrae, disc, back and neck occur, it can be debilitating. Most lifting injuries do not result in permanent injuries. Sometimes a lifting injury at work in Florida can lead to surgery and a lengthy amount of time off work.

Talk to a South Florida work accident attorney today regarding your workers’ compensation benefits.Do not attempt to do this alone.Although it may seem like your claim is straight forward, the insurance company may try to undervalue your claim. An attorney will be able to substantiate your claim and help you get the most compensation possible. Contact David M. Benefeld for a free consultation.

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