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Recalled Toyota Causes Palm Beach County Crash, Despite Being “Fixed”

A couple from Palm Beach County has filed suit against Toyota and their local dealership (Ed Morse Delray Toyota) after suffering injuries in an accident involving their 2009 Toyota Camry, according to the EIN Presswire news site. According to the report, the acceleration system of their vehicle was “fixed” by the dealer after the Camry was recalled, but the Camry suddenly accelerated into an intersection eight days later, causing a Delray Beach car accident.  In the Palm Beach County crash, both plaintiffs sustained serious injuries.

Although many Palm Beach, Dade, and Broward County drivers or passengers sustain injuries in accidents caused by the negligence of other drivers, other crash victims sustain their injuries in south Florida car wrecks caused by defective automobiles or parts. In either case, negligence (or the failure to exercise a standard duty of care) is a factor, typically making it possible for the injured to claim compensation for their pain and suffering, lost earnings due to time away from work, medical bills or prescriptions, and other expenses. No matter how your Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach County auto accident occurred, feel free to contact a car accident attorney David Benenfeld in Ft. Lauderdale if you have questions regarding negligence, liability, or the claims process. He will answer your questions for free and provide you with the resources you need to move forward so you can focus on recovering from injuries.

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