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Can You Provide Examples Of Cases In Which You’ve Prevailed?

I can give you two stories from many in my arsenal that come to mind.

I can tell you about one of my favorite cases, one I’ve termed the “Batman case.” This fellow worked for a certain store.

Robbers broke into the store and cut a hole through the ceiling. They let themselves in despite the alarm. They put a gun inside his mouth and played Russian Roulette. They tied him up with duct tape and said, “Open the safe.”

He said, “I don’t remember the number.”

They said, “You must remember and open the safe.” They turned the barrel of the gun. It clicked, but nothing happened.

Another employee was there, as well. The robbers were talking to the other employee, saying, “Give us the combination to the safe, or we’re going to blow his brains out.”

This particular fellow was dragged around quite a lot as they continually tuned the band of the gun and pressed the trigger. After several tries the safe was opened and he lived. My client ended up having severe problems, both physically from the way that he was banged around and emotionally.

He went to several lawyers for help before we met. Believe it or not, several lawyers were not interested in this case. We settled his case for quite a large amount of money. To this day, I still get Christmas cards from him. And this was over 15 years ago!

Do You Have Any Other Unusual Examples In Which the Case Seemed Impossible, but You Prevailed?

A man entered my office who was represented by another attorney. I looked at his file, and he had an offer of $50,000 on his case.

His present lawyer at the time said to him, “I think you need to take this money. It’s a good offer.”

However, I chatted with him for a little bit. Something just wasn’t ringing right. Fortunately for me, he brought in his medical records.

I told him I felt that his doctors had missed the boat on his diagnosis. I told him he may be able to get a great deal more money than what was currently offered on the table. From then on, he let me handle his case. I chatted with the doctors. Fortunately, I was correct that his medical diagnosis was inaccurate.

We ultimately received a settlement of $850,000, which is a far cry from the initial offer of $50,000. Not only did he get a lot more money, but he also had the correct diagnosis at this point.

From then on, he appropriate medical care for his condition. In my office, this is one of the main things that we look towards. We want to make sure people feel better and receive as much money as possible.

Do You Have an Example of a Third Party Claim In Which Two Cases Were Involved?

Sure. We’ve had many cases that actually involve two cases.

For example, somebody has an accident while working as a delivery driver. They had a car accident while doing delivery work at the same time. Sometimes, we can get them two settlements instead of one. Usually, that’s a great day for clients.

Do You Have Any Interesting Examples of Cases?

There was one client that we represented who, unfortunately, was a paraplegic. In that case, not only did we get him an exceptionally large settlement, but we also had the insurance company purchase a home for him.

We then had the home modified for him. Thus, it was constructed just for him, for his wheelchair, and for his capabilities. He could enter and exit the home properly. The doors were wide enough, and the bathroom was done according to his personal physical needs.

The insurance company also purchased a van that could transport him to and from places. Because of his special needs, we also had the insurance company purchase a computer system that he could actually utilize, as well.

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