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Is It Hard For Motorists To Operate A Vehicle When Close To A Bicycle?

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Drivers do have problems with cyclists, because they don’t know the rules of the road and they don’t know how to respond to bicycle drivers. Sometimes they don’t even see the bicycle riders. It’s easier to see a car, a truck or vehicles, but to see a bicycle when you’re used to seeing two rear brake lights and now you only see one or it’s dark at night and the bicycle rider fails to have an adequate lighting system, it’s definitely more difficult for them. In addition, I don’t think automobile drivers see bicycle riders every day.

What Are the Different Types of Injuries Sustained in Bicycle Accidents?

There is a tendency for people to be hurt a lot more in a bicycle accident than there is for a normal car accident, because they don’t wear seat-belts and they are out in the open air. When an accident happens, they tend to fall off the bike or fly through the air and very significant things happen. I’ve seen people who have died because of these accidents or had broken bones, surgery, paraplegics, quadriplegics, some with horrendous injuries and some with minor injuries, so it really varies.

The best thing you can do if you’re riding a bicycle is to follow the rules of the road, be very careful about the other driver surrounding you and wear a helmet at all times as well as all the protection you can, from kneepads to wrist pads to everything else that’s possibly available.

How Are Accidents Between Bicycles And Commercial Vehicles Handled?

When a bicycle rider gets hit by a commercial vehicle, usually it’s very bad for the bicycle rider. Those are the ones where we see the most horrific injuries and even where people die. It’s really handled in the same way that a normal car accident is handled, where we perform the investigation to see exactly who is at fault and how the incident could have been avoided and what the best course of action is to take to preserve the evidence to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as it possibly can during the time when somebody gets catastrophically hurt.

Do People Wonder About Why They Need An Attorney For A Bicycle Accident?

The problem is that when you have a bicycle accident, in theory, the insurance company is supposed to take care of everything. They are supposed to fix your bicycle, they are supposed to pay for all your medical bills and they’re supposed to, ultimately, give you money that not only will pay for your medical bills and your lost wages for the past but also for your pain and suffering and whatever kind of future lost wages and future medical benefits that you are going to need to cover your medical care for the future.

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. They are not really in the business of paying claims, although they say that that’s their business. The more that they save on paying out your claim, the better they are doing. Ultimately, if you rely on them to do the right thing and pay the right amount of money, it’s almost as if you’re asking the fox who is guarding the henhouse to take care of the hens while you’re gone and make sure that no hens are missing. The question is, do you trust the fox to do the right thing?

What Would the Other Party Try to Use Against Me in a Motorcycle Accident Case?

They could try to use a lot of things against you. They could tell you that the accident was your fault that you failed to do everything you could to avoid the accident, or that because of a preexisting condition, you never hurt yourself in this accident or your injuries are not as bad as you’re saying. They might try to insist that you can work, even if you can’t, and because of that, you’re not doing everything you can to avoid costing them money, or you waited too long to go to a doctor or you didn’t go to the right doctor and that’s why your bills are so high.

There are lots of things that they can ultimately say and do, and it’s our job to get you as much money as we possibly can and put you back together again as best as we can after an incident.

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