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Pinpointing Construction Hazards To Avoid Construction Accidents In Florida

Construction workers in Florida and across this nation are constantly put in danger due to their job duties and chaotic construction sites. Unfortunately, construction sites are places where electricians, framers, painters, bricklayers, and other skilled tradesmen suffer on the job injuries that can lead to disfigurement or disabilities.

In order to prevent serious construction accident injuries from occurring, construction site dangers need to be identified. While there are many different construction site hazards, not all of them are present at every work site; however, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has listed four common hazards found on construction sites, including:

  1. Electrical hazards. When workers use extension cords in the wrong way or come in contact with power lines or some sort of electrical source, serious construction injuries could occur such as electrocutions and burns.

  2. Being caught in between hazards. Construction workers often work around heavy equipment and massive objects. When they get caught in between or compressed by objects, they can be crushed—resulting in crushed bones, internal injuries, amputated limbs and other catastrophic injuries.

  3. Fall hazards. Construction workers often work from high places and use ladders, scaffolds and lifts. Sometimes equipment might not be set up or secured properly or the ground might not be level, causing fall-related worksite injuries.

  4. Struck by hazards. At construction sites and work zones, there are wrecking balls, cranes, and huge beams being moved around the site. When cranes collapse, things fall, or blasts occur, construction workers can be struck by these things and suffer catastrophic injuries.

What Comes After Identifying Construction Site Hazards?

While identifying construction site hazards is a huge part of preventing workers from suffering critical injuries, there are a couple of other things that can help construction workers avoid worksite injuries, such as:

  • Wearing the proper gear. Many construction workers don’t wear hard hats, harnesses, or other protective gear for the job. By wearing the right gear, workers might be able to prevent a critical injury from occurring.

  • Following the guidelines. Most construction companies have safety guidelines and processes that need to be followed while on the job. When workers don’t follow these rules, they may be at a higher risk for injuries.

If you have suffered an injury in a construction accident in Florida, you may be entitled to Florida workers’ compensation benefits. To find out more about your rights to these benefits you should speak with a Broward County workers’ compensation attorney today. Call the Law Offices of David Benenfeld for a free consultation and learn more about your rights at 954-677-0155.

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