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Onion And Meat Semi Trucks Collide

Two semi tractor-trailers carrying onions and meat crashed near New Smyrna Beach.

A crash involving two semi tractor-trailers carrying onions and meat products collided near New Smyrna Beach.

The driver of the meat truck said he fell asleep while driving 70 to 80 mph, and crashed into the back of the onion truck, according to the FHP.  He was airlifted by a medical helicopter to the hospital and reported in stable condition.

The roadway was closed while the crews cleaned up the onions, spilled fuel and transmission fluid.  The spill stretched over approximately 200 feet of the south bound lanes according to Troopers.

The driver and passenger riding in the onion truck were not injured in the crash.

Charges are pending against the meat truck driver.  Witnesses of the crash are being sought.

The Law Office of David Benenfeld would like to caution truckers not to drive when sleepy and pull off the road until they are more alert.  Drivers witnessing any trucks that appear to be weaving or driving recklessly should report such activity to the FHP.

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