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News Article On Diabetic Drivers, Blood Sugar Control, & Car Accidents

We recently added a news item to the Injury Law Service website that is especially important for diabetic drivers.

Controlling Blood Sugar Too Well May Cause Car Accidents

While controlling blood sugar is important for diabetics, controlling it too strictly may increase the risk of car accidents due to low blood sugar, according to a new report explained on the U.S. News & World Report website.  Keeping blood sugar under control helps reduces the complications associated with diabetes, such as heart disease and kidney disease.  What’s the problem, then?

Hypoglycemia, which refers to blood sugar that drops too low, can cause dizziness or even a loss of consciousness, say the researchers.  Their recent study revealed that one in 14 drivers with diabetes had been involved in auto accidents, and the drivers who had low blood sugar were more likely to have had traffic accidents than those who did not control their blood sugar levels as well.  Additionally, diabetics with a history of hypoglycemia were found four times more at risk of having a car accident.

What should diabetic drivers do?  The researchers suggest the following:

  • -diabetics who take medicine to lower their blood sugar should educate themselves on the symptoms of oncoming hypoglycemic episodes

  • -checking blood sugar more often in general and before driving is also important, especially for drivers who are not as aware of oncoming hypoglycemic episodes

  • -if drivers find their blood sugar low before driving, they should treat the issue and wait for their blood sugar to reach a safe range before navigating the roadway

  • -if dizziness or other symptoms of hypoglycemia occur, diabetics must avoid driving altogether until those symptoms subside

  • -having food available that will boost blood sugar is always a good idea.

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