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News About The Extra Speeding Fines On I-95

For three years, there have been extra speeding fines on parts of I-95 around Delray Beach and Boynton Beach. The extra fines added $50 to any speeding ticket gained in these areas. The extra fine was primarily meant to get drivers to slow down through these dangerous driving areas. Also, the extra money from each ticket went to the Florida Medicaid system to help pay for critically injured patients.

Unfortunately, though, neither of the goals of the program worked, which is why the extra fines were recently dropped and the signs warning drivers of increased fees were taken down. Drivers didn’t seem to slow down at all through these areas. Even then, though, patrolmen didn’t hand out many more tickets than they had before, as state police continued to patrol all of this interstate in the same fashion as before.

According to the Sun Sentinel, the program raised very low amounts of money. Part of the extra fees went to Medicaid to pay for ventilators for brain damaged patients, but it only raised enough to pay for about half the cost of one patient on a ventilator. Another $40,000 went to trauma centers in neighboring counties. The accident rate didn’t slow down at all during this time.

Because these signs and fees were so unsuccessful, lawmakers who put them into place didn’t even ask to renew it. That said, though, it’s important to remember that auto accidents can happen anywhere and that speed laws should be followed at all times.

If you were involved in an auto accident along I-95 in one of these areas or any other area, an auto accident attorney may be able to help you get your medical bills paid for. An experienced attorney can help you get the insurance claim filed or get other needs met that came up because of your accident.

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