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Most Common Workers’ Compensation Injuries


Workplace injuries in Sunrise and throughout South Florida can range widely, both in terms of the type of injury and their severity. Some injuries can be similar among workers, but they can be so different in terms of their severity that one worker is able to return to work relatively quickly while another worker may be disabled for months or longer and could require many months of medical care. Similarly, two workers might suffer traumatic brain injuries, but one worker might be able to come back to the job after a month while another worker could be out for a year. With other injuries, the type of injury itself is so serious that it nearly always results in a permanent disability that will require seeking workers’ compensation coverage and a disability payment, such as a traumatic amputation or the loss of sight. Although workers in these circumstances may still be able to do some types of jobs in the future, they are often unable to return to the same type of work they performed prior to their injury.

Injuries on the job also vary in terms of the frequency. You might be wondering: what types of workplace accidents are most commonly the ones that result in needed time off from work and the injured worker receiving workers’ compensation benefits? A recent study from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health identifies common injuries in workers’ compensation payouts, and our workers’ compensation lawyers in Sunrise can tell you more about them here.

Puncture Wounds 

Whenever a sharp object pierces the skin of a worker, that worker can suffer harm from a puncture wound. Depending upon the type of object that causes the puncture wound and how deep it is, it may require extensive medical care and many weeks away from work.


Contusions, which are also known as bruises, can affect nearly any part of the body. When contusions are especially severe or large, they can be disabling and can require a worker to seek workers’ compensation coverage and to take time off from work.

Sprains and Strains 

Sprains and strains are often discussed together, but these are actually two different types of injuries. With sprains, a person’s ligaments get stretched, or they can be torn. With strains, stretching or testing also occurs, but the worker’s muscles or tendons are impacted instead. To be clear, both sprains and strains result from stretching or tearing, but sprains affect ligaments while strains affect tendons or muscles.

Broken Bones 

Broken bones, or fractures, vary widely in severity, but nearly all require medical care and often missed work days. Slips and falls, and falls from heights, are one of the leading causes of all missed work days due to injuries and workers’ compensation claims, and many of these injuries result in bone fractures.


Lacerations are cuts that can occur in a person’s skin or other soft tissue. With severe lacerations, the worker may need medical care, could be at risk of infection, and will often miss workdays.

Contact Our Sunrise Workers’ Compensation Attorneys 

If you have questions about workers’ compensation in South Florida, or if you need help determining your eligibility for benefits or seeking benefits after getting hurt on the job, an attorney at our firm is here to help. Do not hesitate to contact one of the experienced Sunrise workers’ compensation lawyers at the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A. to find out more about the ways we assist injured workers in South Florida.


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