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Long-Term Effects of Head Injuries May Occur After Bicycle Accidents

Although helmets significantly increase your chances of walking away from a bicycle accident unharmed, they cannot prevent all injuries. Head injuries suffered from a bicycle accident can potentially have long-lasting consequences.

Concussions, which are caused when the brain collides with the skull, are a common head injury caused by bicycling accidents. In some cases, a concussion will cause you to instantly pass out or feel dizzy, while in other cases, there are initially no physical signs of injury. Additional symptoms of a concussion include blurred vision, vomiting, confusion and loss of balance.

In rare cases, concussion symptoms can continue long-term, even becoming worse in some instances. Called post-concussive syndrome, symptoms of this type of injury include insomnia, blurred vision, changes in personality, increased irritability, lack of interest in activities, problems recalling information and difficulty standing or walking.

At the first sign of any concussion-related symptoms, it’s important to seek medical attention.

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