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Inclement Weather Can Cause Bad Road Conditions and Florida Auto Accidents

Sometimes South Florida auto accidents occur as a result of speeding, a defective tire, an aggressive driver, a red light runner, or distracted driver; however, there are also accidents that happen due to bad road conditions and inclement weather.

Fort Lauderdale auto accidents have been known to occur because of slippery roads, flooded road conditions, heavy fog and low visibility. When rainy weather or other bad weather conditions are combined with decreased tire traction, it can be dangerous and lead to serious injuries for both you and your passengers.

While traveling in these poor conditions remember to slow down, keep your distance from other cars on the road, take curves in the road slower, do not attempt to drive through deep water, and make sure you use your headlights.

Supporting Your Florida Personal Injury Case

It is essential that after a Fort Lauderdale car accident that you gather evidence to support your case. If you believe the road conditions were bad or there were road hazards that contributed to your accident, then it is wise to take photographs as soon as you can after the accident.

By identifying evidence and having proof of it can help your Florida personal injury claim. For example, what if the poor road condition or road hazard was fixed before your case went to trial? Having pictures of the accident scene and road conditions can help support your claim and case.

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