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How To Prevent Bicycle Road Rage From Leading To A Florida Bike Crash

When driving a car, it is important to remember that a bicycle generally has as much right to the road as a motor vehicle. Most of the time, a bicyclist is permitted to ride in the middle of a traffic lane and is supposed to be given the same rights as motorists. As much as this might annoy motorists, it is still their lawful duty to abide by those rights. At the same token, it is imperative that bicyclists do their best to avoid accidents.

How should cyclists protect themselves against road rage?

Motorists drive steel framed monsters compared to that of a cyclist’s carbon fiber frame. Since bicycle enthusiasts are by physical nature more exposed and vulnerable to threats of road rage, certain safeguards must be taken to minimize their chances of becoming the next victim.

  1. CYCLISTS MUST ALWAYS CARRY CELL PHONES. Cell phones provide immediate 911 emergency assistance, and use of camera and video to document road rage and accident scene evidence.

  2. CYCLISTS MUST ALWAYS BE ALERT. Be aware of cars that follow too closely. Vehicles rarely see a cyclist before the cyclist sees the vehicle. Ride with caution —aware and respectful of dangerous possibilities.

  3. CYCLISTS MUST OBEY TRAFFIC LAWS. Motorists complain that cyclists can’t decide if they are a car or a bike. Prove to drivers that you follow the same rules. Never run red lights or cut off drivers.

Some people who are injured in a Florida bike crash that involved road rage don’t realize that they are eligible for compensation. If you have been injured in a Broward County bicycle accident that was not your fault, you need to talk to a bicycle accident attorney who can assist you in filing a successful claim.

Contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld for a free legal consultation to determine if you have a case. Call 954-677-0155.

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