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How Seatbelts May Help Minimize Chest Injuries In Florida Auto Accidents

It takes a lot of force for motorists to experience trauma to their chests. Trauma is responsible for 100,000 deaths annually in America, according to the CDC, and chest trauma accounts for half of these deaths.

The four leading fatalities caused from automobile chest injuries are:

  1. Ruptures of the aorta
  2. Ruptures of the heart
  3. Bilateral lung contusions
  4. Laceration

While chest injuries can be deadly, not all chest trauma results in fatalities. For many people who wear seatbelts, chest trauma can include internal bleeding and bruising, broken ribs, and other internal injuries. Although seatbelt wearers could suffer fatal chest injuries in accidents, it is rare, and the accident would have to be extremely severe. Overall, seatbelts help save lives and minimize fatal chest injuries.

Seatbelts do automatically tighten across the chest during a car accident, which can cause chest trauma and bruising. Internal bruising in the chest can cause pain for weeks and even months, not allowing a victim to use their chest muscles, lift something, or perform the daily activities or tasks they are used to doing. Although this may be frustrating and painful, it is better than the alternative.

Florida Auto Accidents and Chest Injuries

When seatbelts are worn and chest trauma still occurs in South Florida car accidents, victims often suffer from chest wall injuries and rib fractures that can restrict their breathing and cause excruciating pain.

When fractured ribs occur from the impact of the crash, other internal injuries could occur as well. Ribs, when broken, can rupture lungs, liver, and damage other internal organs in the chest. While most of these injuries are treatable, if left unattended could be fatal.

If you suffered chest injuries in a Broward County car crash that was caused by a negligent driver, you may have rights to financial recovery. Please call a knowledgeable personal injury attorney for a free legal consultation at the Law Offices of David Benenfeld at 954-677-0155.

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