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How Florida Bicyclists Collide With Vehicles In Intersections

More cyclists live in Florida than any other state. For this reason, bicycle accidents are also more prevalent in Florida. Often, novice cyclists don’t realize the risk involved riding a bike. It has been reported that every year more than 700 cyclists are killed and over 500,000 individuals are treated by a hospital for injuries sustained in bicycle accident.

How do most bicycle accidents with vehicles occur?

Most bicycle accidents happen while the cyclist is riding alone and usually occur due to hazardous road conditions or defective bicycles. The second leading cause of bike accidents happens when a bicycle collides with another vehicle. Over half of the time, bicycle-vehicle collisions take place within an intersection.

Bicycle accidents that involve collisions with another vehicles are notorious for causing serious injuries such as brain trauma, amputation, paralysis, and frequently death. The three types of bicycle-vehicle collisions are listed below.

  1. Failure to Stop. The highest ranking bicycle-vehicle collision occurs within a four-way intersection that only requires the bicyclist to stop, not the motorist. Often, the bicyclist shows precaution in making a full stop before proceeding. But once the cyclist enters the intersection, the motorist going the other direction often has the right-of-way and advances by crashing into the bicyclist. The opposite scenario also holds true for another common bicycle-vehicle collision. When the motorist has a stop sign, but the bicyclist does not, the motorist crashes into the bicyclist who actually has the right-of-way.

  2. Failure to Wait. When a vehicle driver enters an intersection and fails to show proper precaution, the consequences are often fatal. For example, if the bicyclist and motorist each enter an intersection going opposite directions, and the motorist fails to wait for the bicyclist to pass, then the motorist may crash into the bicyclist while making the left turn. The same is also true for a motorist making a right-hand turn. If the vehicle driver fails to wait for the bicyclist to proceed, then the driver often turns right into the bike, crushing an innocent life.

  3. Failure to Yield. By law, a bicyclist is supposed to yield to oncoming traffic. Sometimes younger or ill-experienced bicyclists fail to yield in an intersection because they misjudge the speed and distance of the vehicle. In these circumstances, the bicyclist is often found at fault.

Broward County bicyclists are easy targets for serious collisions with vehicles. Unfortunately, most individuals involved in a bicycle accident are likely to incur serious injuries requiring hospitalization and even death.

If you have been in an accident that involves a bicycle and vehicle in South Florida, it is important to talk with an experienced South Florida bicycle and auto accident attorney. Your attorney can help you prepare your paperwork to get the results you are looking for.

Contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld to find out what your legal rights are and how to receive help. Call: 954-677-0155 to meet with a skilled bicycle and auto accident attorney.

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