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How Do You Behave Behind The Wheel?

Do you drive without buckling up? Do you run red lights? Do you drive drowsy? Do you text and drive? Before you answer these questions, you should know that many drivers lie and don’t admit to doing these things. On the other hand, many drivers believe theses driving behaviors are unacceptable but admit to doing them anyways. So why don’t drivers’ beliefs match their actions?

While many drivers don’t admit to doing these things out of fear, others that did fess up believe these behaviors to be a big no-no but do them anyways. Unfortunately, it seems like many of us are hypocrites, according to information from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s 2014 Traffic Safety Culture Index. The study surveyed 2,705 drivers and found:

  • 73% of drivers surveyed believe running a red light is unacceptable, but 36% admitted to running a red light in the past month.

  • Nearly all drivers surveyed believe it is deplorable to drive without a seat belt, but 82% said they never drive without fastening their seat belt.

  • 81% of those surveyed agreed that drowsy driving is dangerous, but 29% admitted to driving drowsy in the past month.

  • 79% of those surveyed said it is awful to text and email while driving, but 36% admitted to reading a text or email at the wheel and 27% of those admitted to composing one in the last 30 days.

Unfortunately, this survey shows that the many people are aware of dangerous driving behaviors but do them regardless. Whatever your belief is, it is important to note that the driving behaviors listed here are dangerous. In fact, many studies have revealed that texting and driving is extremely dangerous and leads to car accidents, as does hands-free, voice activated devices behind the wheel.

If you have been in a Florida auto accident because another driver was distracted, it is important to talk with a skilled accident attorney in South Florida. Contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld at 954-807-1334 for a complimentary consultation today.

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