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Florida Workers’ Compensation And Time Limits

Being injured while on the job can be stressful, overwhelming, and, most of all, extremely painful. When you are fully focusing on your physical recovery, it is often difficult to think about anything else, especially when it comes to Florida workers’ compensation time limits and time lines. Below we have outlined some important FL workers’ compensation deadlines and time frames to help you better organize in the wake of an on-the-job accident and injury:

What is the deadline for reporting my on-the-job accident to my employer?

You should report your work accident and injury to your employer as soon as possible, along with any information you have related to the event. If you wait longer than 30 days to report your case, your claim has a greater chance of being denied.

What is the deadline for my employer reporting my accident to their insurance company?

Again, your employer should report your accident to their insurance company as soon as possible. At the most, an employer should wait no more than one week before reporting your injury.

When should I hear from my employer’s insurance company?

Your employer’s insurance company should contact you within three days of receiving word from your employer that there has been an on-the-job accident and injury. When they contact you, it will usually be information about Florida workers’ compensation that they will send through the mail.

When is my Florida workers’ compensation case closed?

Your workers’ compensation case is closed two years after your last medical treatment or your last workers comp. payment in regards to your worker injuries.

If my Florida Workers’ compensation claim is denied, how long do I have to appeal?

In most cases, you are given a two-year window to complete and file a Petition for Benefits. Many injured workers who appeal their denied workers’ comp claim choose to hire a FL workers’ comp lawyer to help them successfully win their Petition for Benefits.

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