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Florida Trucking Accidents: Dangerous And Deadly Unsecured Loads

Traveling on the highway in traffic is challenging. You have to be alert to the other drivers making sure they do not cross the line, cut you off, slam on their brakes, etc. But, what about the truck drivers that are carrying loads? You should not have to dodge rocks and other debris coming from a truck that is carrying too much of a load or is not fastened securely.

Unsecured Florida truck accidents can involve flat beds and trailers with improperly tied down cargo or improperly secured doors. It is not always debris that can fall. Sometimes it can be tools such as shovels, axes or similar items, or other heavy objects. Other times the cargo may be light, but still can cause a deadly accident if it manages to hit the windshield of another moving vehicle or causes the driver of that vehicle to swerve or slam on their brakes, causing multiple accidents. In other situations, tanker trucks may spill the liquids they are carrying, creating a slippery and slick change in the road conditions. Terrible accidents have occurred as a result of liquid spills, not to mention the fumes may be toxic

Truck drivers that are traveling with loads and have secured the load prior to their drive are still at risk. Preventing the contents of a truck or trailer from falling out, in many instances is not enough to stop accidents from happening. As the truck travels, the load shifts. If the center of gravity is off by even a small amount, a truck could tip over and land on the car next to them or the load can slip off the truck and cause a terrible accident.

Florida law requires a truck driver to properly secure their load on the back of the truck. Florida car accidents and injuries that happen as a result of a load that has fallen from a truck can cause a ripple effect on the road. When the contents of a load has spilled onto the road and there are vehicles traveling on the road, it can cause a domino crash as one car swerves to miss the spill or slams on their brakes to avoid the debris.

A driver of a truck with an unsecured load that caused an automobile accident can be held liable along with the truck owner, according to Florida Statute 316.520.

While driving behind a truck or vehicle transporting loose items, keep your distance.

Take note of the truck’s identifying signage or license plate number.

If you are injured as a result of fallen debris from a truck’s load and the truck does not stop, you will have the identifying information in case you need to file a claim to recover compensation for your injuries and losses from the company.

If you are injured in a Florida automobile accident or trucking accident due to an unsecured truck load, it is important to speak with a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney in Florida so you can understand your legal rights and options.

Contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld to speak with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale today at 954-677-0155.

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