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Florida Motorcycle Crashes Cause Paralysis

Four wheels move the body.  Two wheels move the soul.

Who can resist the rush of adrenaline that comes from riding a motorcycle? Nationwide, only 3% of drivers ride motorcycles. But within Florida, 7% of registered drivers prefer motorcycles. Why ride? A select few find the ride irresistible, and despite the safety risks involved, they do have a legal right to choose their own mode of transportation.  Sadly, problems arise when other motor vehicles on the road don’t respect motorcyclists and cause severe injuries, often paralysis and death. In fact, within the last 10 years, motorcycle fatalities have increased over 40%.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Noted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) include:

  • Over 4,500 motorcycle-related deaths in 2010
  • 30 times more likely to result in death than cars
  • 5 times more likely to result in injury than cars
  • 50% of motorcycle accidents collide with another motorcycle
  • 25% of motorcycle accidents collide with fixed objects
  • 40% of accidents are caused by a car turning left into motorcycle going straight or passing
  • 20% of accidents occur while both cars and motorcycles are going straight
  • 35% of crashes involve motorcycles speeding
  • 25% of motorcyclists do not have valid driver’s license
  • 42% of fatalities involve high blood alcohol levels
  • 50% of fatal crashes occur on the weekends

Motorcycle Accident Causes

Broward County motorcyclists pay a high price for their freedom, often resulting in serious injuries such as paralysis. Because motorcycles don’t provide the safety and security of seat belts, air bags, insulation, and structure of an automobile, their riders are incredibly vulnerable to mistakes made by other drivers. We’re used to blaming motorcyclists for crashes, but in actuality, more than two-thirds of Florida motorcycle accidents are caused by the driver of the other vehicle.

Why? Most of the time, car drivers simply don’t see the motorcyclist because they obviously aren’t as noticeable as another car. Most drivers are accustomed to depending on their rear and side view mirrors. Since motorcyclists are smaller in size, they are often blocked by other drivers, and their image is not displayed in the mirrors.

Hazardous road conditions are another cause of serious injuries from motorcycle accidents in Broward County. Potholes, oil, trash, and debris often cause an unforeseen obstruction on the road for a motorcyclist. The hazardous road condition may make it impossible for the motorcycle tires to grip the road and slide out from under the ride.

Get Help!

If you have been in a motorcycle accident in South Florida and sustained significant injuries, it is important to talk with an experienced South Florida motorcycle accident attorney. Your attorney can help you prepare your paperwork to get you the compensation you desperately need and deserve.

Contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld to find out what your legal rights are and how to receive help. Call: 954-677-0155 to meet with a skilled motorcycle injury lawyer today.

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