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Florida Disability Benefits for Back Pain Sufferers

Have you wondered if Social Security benefits in Florida may be available to you from the chronic back pain you are suffering? Do you have a spine disorder that limits you from movement or causes you back pain?

Depending on the severity of your chronic back pain, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits in South Florida. In order to make a determination if you have a South Florida back pain disability case or are disabled as a result of your back or spine problems, the Social Security Administration will take several things into consideration. It has a list of requirements that is reviewed to determine if you qualify for disability benefits in South Florida.

The Social Security Administration has a 5-step sequential evaluation process they follow to determine if a person is disabled under Sec.404.1520.

Here is a brief summary of the 5-step sequential evaluation:

  1. Work activity is considered.
  2. The medical severity of your impairment must meet the duration requirement.
  3. The medical severity of your impairment must meet or equal one of the listings in the Social Security regulations found in the “Listing of Impairments”.
  4. Assessment of your residual functional capacity and past work.
  5. Assessment of your residual functional capacity and your age, education and work experience is considered to see if you can make an adjustment to other work.

There are many types of spine and chronic back pain that Social Security will consider for back pain disability benefits. The Social Security Administration will consider what your abnormalities are, all the symptoms related to your pain, the severity of your back pain and your credibility in determining the severity of your disability.

Filing a Social Security benefit claim yourself can be complicated. There are many steps to qualify for a back pain disability benefits claim. Getting approved for disability benefits is tough without the help of an experienced Social Security disability lawyer. An experienced South Florida disability attorney can work with you in reviewing your medical records, and compiling the necessary paperwork required for a claim and follow-up work.

If you need an experienced South Florida disability attorney, call the Law Offices of David Benenfeld today at 954-677-0155.

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