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Florida Accidents Caused By Cars Turning In Front Of Motorcycles

The most common cause of a motorcycle accident in Florida, and really nationwide, is a car turning in front of a motorcycle. When an automobile is at an intersection waiting for a break in the oncoming traffic in order to turn left, the driver may not see a motorcycle traveling toward him. Distracted driving or inattentiveness may be the reason that the driver did not notice the motorcycle approaching. Another reason a car may turn in front of a motorcycle is that the driver may judge the motorcycle’s speed incorrectly. Additionally, drivers of cars often just see an absence of other cars, not mentally taking note of a smaller object such as a motorcycle or bicycle headed their way.

In the case of an automobile turning in front of a motorcyclist, taking proper precautions and alertness can change the outcome of this potentially dangerous scenario. Motorcycle safety awareness and preparedness can also reduce the severity of injuries or possibly save a motorcyclist’s life when he approaches an intersection. This is why a motorcyclist should be alert for these signs that could indicate a car may be planning to turn in front of him:

  • An oncoming car is at the intersection waiting to turn
  • The car’s turn signal is on
  • There’s a gap in traffic in front of the motorcyclist
  • The wheels of the car in the intersection are turned, which gives the first indication of movement

What should a motorcyclist know and what should he do to avoid a collision in these situations?

  •  Bright colors on the cyclist’s helmet and jacket will help car drivers see him.
  • Slow down, cover the brakes, and get ready to take action.
  • Be aware of what’s behind and beside him to know the best route to take.
  • Avoid braking hard to avoid a turning car because this may result in locked brakes or being hit from behind by a tailgater.
  • The best chance of survival comes from losing as much speed as possible and diverting to another lane or shoulder.

Using these avoidance and prevention tactics could be the difference between going home with just bruises and going to the hospital. If you have suffered injuries in a South Florida motorcycle accident, you can get a free legal consultation, get your questions answered, and learn about your rights by contacting motorcycle accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale David Benenfeld at 954-677-0155.

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