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Fire Risk Causes GM To Recall The Popular Cruze

General Motors is recalling the popular Chevy Cruze because of engine fires.  It has been discovered when fluids drip onto a hot plastic shield below the engine a fire can break out.

If oil is spilled over and not properly cleaned up during an oil change a fire can occur.  GM knows of at least 30 fires that have happened but no injuries have been reported.  Alan Adler said, flames did engulf and destroyed cars in two cases reported to federal safety officials.

GM has also stated that Cruzes with worn-out manual transmissions also can leak fluid onto the shields in rare cases.

The recall for the Cruzes includes 475,000 vehicles made in the U.S. from September of 2010 through May of 2012.  It is the fifth recall since the Cruze arrived in showrooms nearly 2 years ago.

There are 61,000 of the recalled Cruzes that are covered under another recall.  GM has said there are 249 of the Cruzes that have welds missing from a bracket that hold the tanks.  The Federal safety officials say the tanks can come lose if involved in a crash, possibly causing a leak and fire.

The Law Office of David Benenfeld would like to encourage owner’s of the GM Cruzes to take their vehicles back to the dealership to correct any unsafe problems in the car.

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