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Many Years Ago I Was Diagnosed With Epilepsy. At That Time, I Was Able To Control My Condition With Medication, And My Broward County Employer Gave Me Permission To Work From Home. Now That I’m Having More Seizures, I Am Concerned That It Is Not Safe For Me To Be Working Anymore. I Heard I May Qualify For Disability Benefits. What Should I Do Now?

Epilepsy is a brain disorder which causes multiple seizures. Abnormal electrical activity in the brain may cause convulsions and unconsciousness for up to twenty minutes. While epilepsy may respond well to medication at first, symptoms tend to increase and develop in severity and consequences.

You are wise to consider the safety of your health first, but need to consider multiple criteria needed to qualify for Social Security benefits. The Social Security Administration considers epilepsy as a qualifier for disability benefits. If epilepsy is interfering with your daily activities, including work, it is possible that you will be awarded benefits based on the nature and frequency of your seizures.

Social Security Criteria for Epilepsy:

  1. Medical diagnosis of epilepsy
  2. Description of pre-post seizure symptoms
  3. Doctor’s statement about nature of seizures
  4. Third party witness description of your seizures
  5. Record of frequency of seizures
  6. Treatment history, including meds
  7. Evidence of your compliance to take meds

Social Security disability benefits for epilepsy in Broward County are available. An experienced Broward County disability attorney can help you gather what you will need to file a claim to collect Social Security benefits and provide assistance with your mounting medical costs.

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