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Do I Need To Tell My Lawyer Everything That Led Up To The Motorcycle Accident?

A: Absolutely.  It is very important to tell your lawyer everything that led up to your crash and that immediately followed your Florida motorcycle accident. Although you may not feel totally comfortable telling someone everything about your crash, injuries and details of the accident, you do need to confide in your attorney.

Your South Florida personal injury lawyer needs to know everything – the good and the bad – in order to help you and your potential recovery.  This way your attorney will not receive any of this information from the opposing side, and he will already be prepared ahead of time.

Things you should tell you lawyer include:

  • If road conditions or weather could have contributed to your crash
  • How fast you were going and if you were speeding at the time of the crash
  • If you were or were not wearing a motorcycle helmet
  • If you were driving without a motorcycle license
  • If you drank any alcohol that night
  • If you were involved in past motorcycle crashes
  • If you have been injured previously in accidents
  • Information about your past driving record

Suppose another car turned out in front of you and caused the crash and you may have been speeding at that very moment. Your attorney needs to know this. By telling your attorney everything, it will not diminish your credibility in front of a judge or jury. Additionally, you need to let your lawyer know about your injuries that you suffered in the crash.

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