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Famous Cases Of Wrongful Death

First, let’s review. A Florida wrongful death lawsuit claims that negligence, intentional action or unjust action contributed to the death of a victim. The victim’s family or survivors are entitled to monetary damages when they can prove that the individual died wrongfully and they were dependent upon that person for emotional and financial support. Within the state of Florida, the lawsuit may be brought against the defendant or entity that caused harm. Individuals eligible for compensation include family members of the deceased person such as a spouse, child, or other dependent family member.

Most Typical Types of Wrongful Death Claims

  • Medical Malpractice
  • Elder Abuse or Nursing Home Abuse
  • Auto and Airplane Accidents
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Hazardous Occupational Conditions
  • Criminal Acts of Violence
  • Careless Acts of Negligence

Famous Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Often times, the public’s first touch with a wrongful death lawsuit comes from hearing about famous cases that make headline news.  If you are still following Michael Jackson’s wrongful death trial, you may have seen that his x-wife recently testified this month. When it was Debbie Rowe’s turn to testify, she tearfully explained that Jackson’s “fear of pain was incredible and I think the doctors took advantage of that.”  She added that the doctors were competing with one another for Jackson’s treatment, and would often tell the pop-star that they had better drugs. At the end, Rowe finally blurted out, “Conrad Murray got in there and killed him!” Murray was Jackson’s physician who was charged with providing lethal drugs that caused his death.

In 2010, Nancy Grace received incredible public scrutiny after she was accused by Melinda Duckett’s family for contributing to her suicide. Duckett had previously appeared on Grace’s show, trying to look for the suspect who had taken her 2-year old. During the interview, Nancy Grace was aggressively direct and accusatory, inferring that the mother’s pornographic stints contributed to her own son’s death. That very day Duckett took her own life, and her family accused Nancy Grace of wrongful death of their daughter.  The case was ultimately settled out of court, whereby Grace issued a $200,000 trust to the child who still remains missing.

Of course, nobody can forget the O.J. Simpson wrongful death trial, whereby he was convicted of killing Ronald Goldman, even though he was acquitted for the murder in his criminal case. Goldman’s family, along with their attorney, was able to prove that O.J. was liable for the willful and wrongful death of their beloved family member.  Professional onlookers reported that Simpson’s legal team did a poor job of refuting the evidence, and the family was finally awarded $20 million when the jury announced their unanimous wrongful death conviction.

When it comes to losing a loved one, celebrity status holds no rank. Any loss of a loved one is paramount. It is vital that victims and family receive expert advice from a qualified Broward County Wrongful Death Attorney. If you believe your family has been a victim of a wrongful death, contact David Benenfeld for a free consultation.

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