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Family of Coral Springs Delivery Truck Driver Killed by Falling Steel Beams Files Lawsuit


A popular subject for think pieces is how the people who do the work are becoming farther and farther removed from the people who make the most money from workers’ efforts.  The jobs where you work with the same small group of people, each person knowing that they can depend on each team member to fulfill his or her role, all the while getting fair pay and health insurance benefits, are increasingly rare.  Today, being an independent contractor instead of a salaried employee is the new normal.  In some industries, staffing industries play the role of middlemen, sending their employees to short-term assignments.  This may or may not increase the risk of workplace accidents, but when these accidents occur, the legal issues about liability and responsibility for injured workers’ medical treatment are more complicated.  If your official employer is a staffing agency, but you got injured at a job site owned by another company where the staffing agency assigned you to work, contact a South Florida workers’ compensation lawyer.

A Catastrophic Accident at a Pompano Beach Construction Materials Warehouse

At age 71, Sylvester Roulhac of Coral Springs was still healthy enough to drive a tractor-trailer.  He was working for ProDrivers, and on the day of the accident that claimed his life, he was driving a delivery truck to a Kloeckner Metals warehouse in Pompano Beach.  It was early on a Monday morning in September 2019, and Roulhac was picking up supplies from the warehouse.  When he got out of his truck, a pile of steel beams that had been propped up near where he parked his truck, followed by another pile of beams.  According to a Pompano Beach Fire Rescue spokesperson, first responders had to remove more than three tons of steel from on top of Roulhac before transporting his body to the medical examiner’s office.

Roulhac left behind a family that loved him and relied on him, including his wife, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  His wife Julie Roulhac filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Kloeckner, a German company with its U.S. headquarters in Georgia.  She also named Joseph Watt as a defendant; he was the Florida regional manager of Kloeckner at the time of the accident.

When Is a Workplace Accident Not Just a Workplace Accident?

In workers’ compensation claims, fault is theoretically not an issue.  The employer’s workers’ compensation insurance should cover financial losses related to workplace accidents, even fatal ones, regardless of the cause of the accident.  In this case, though, the victim’s family decided to sue Kloeckner, the multinational corporation, for premises liability, because their were such egregious safety violations; an accident where 6,000 pounds of steel beams fall on a driver when he gets out of his truck is preventable except if there was extraordinary negligence.

You Are Entitled to Compensation for Work-Related Injuries

A workers’ compensation attorney can help you get the compensation to which you are entitled after a work-related injury.  Contact a Sunrise workers’ compensation lawyer at the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld for help today.





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