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Falls From Heights Versus Slips And Falls At Work: What You Should Know


Employees can sustain serious injuries at work in a wide variety of ways, but falls are commonly cited as among the most common causes of workplace injuries and missed workdays as a result. Given that the term “falls” is a broad and general one, it may be difficult to know with certainty if your workplace injury falls into this category and, ultimately, if it matters. When someone refers to a fall at work, they are typically referring either to a fall from heights, or to a fall at ground level that is usually a slip, trip, or fall. Our experienced South Florida workers’ compensation lawyers want to tell you more about the different types of workplace falls and to discuss your options for seeking workers’ compensation benefits.

Getting the Facts About Workplace Falls 

Did you know that thousands of employees suffer falls at work every year and in a wide variety of industries? According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2014 showed that “261,930 private industry and state and local government workers missed one or more days of work due to injuries from falls on the same level or to lower levels, and 798 workers died from such falls.”

Although risks of falls—both falls from heights and slips and falls on ground level—are most prevalent in the construction industry, falls can happen in almost any type of job. After the construction industry, the most common type of industries where fall-related injuries occur include health care, building maintenance, and transportation. On an annual basis, approximately $70 billion in workers’ compensation gets paid to employees who are harmed in falls.

Falls from Heights Versus Slips and Falls 

What is the difference between falls that occur on the same level or falls down to lower levels? For purposes of your ability to seek workers’ compensation benefits, it is critical to understand that the distinction does not make an important difference. To be clear, you can seek workers’ compensation benefits regardless of whether your fall was a fall from heights or a slip, trip, or fall at ground level.

Differences between these types of falls usually concern their severity, as well as the recommended safety precautions that employers should take to prevent falls. Falls from heights more often result in life-threatening and deadly injuries (although not always), and tend to occur more often in construction. Slips and falls can happen almost anywhere, from construction sites to professional office spaces.

If you recently suffered a fall-related injury of any type at work and cannot perform your job due to the injury, you should seek advice about filing a workers’ compensation claim. Regardless of whether your employer or a co-worker’s negligence caused the fall—and even if your own negligence caused the fall—you can seek compensation through the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation.

Contact Our Sunrise Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Today 

Do you have questions or concerns about filing a workers’ compensation claim in Florida after a fall-related workplace accident? An experienced Sunrise workers’ compensation attorney at our firm can evaluate your case for you today and can help you to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Contact the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A. for more information.


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