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Eligibility for Disability Benefits for Herniated Disc in Florida

Herniated disc suffers in Broward County may be eligible to receive Florida Social Security disability benefits. It’s just a matter of the severity of the problem and what type of disability you are actually suffering from as a result of your herniated disc.
Sometimes treatment for a herniated disc can range from rest, pain and anti-inflammatory medications, ice and heat applications, or physical therapy to resolve the problem. Surgery has also been an option for many people to bring relief.
Unfortunately in some cases of a Broward County herniated disc sufferer, nothing seems to work relieving the pain and spasms that go along with a herniated disc problem.
A disc in the spine is like a cushion that is between the vertebrae and is a protection to the spine. Sometimes a disc can slip out of place and cause excruciating pain either in the lumbar area which is the lower back or the cervical spine in your neck.

Symptoms of a herniated disc include:

Leg and arm pain can travel to many regions of the body. Leg pain can travel down the buttocks, leg and thigh. It can even travel down to a person’s foot. Neck pain can travel to the arm and shoulder area.
Movement or position change. Any type of position change or movement in a person’s body can trigger intense pain in the affected area. Just a sneeze, cough, or twist of the body can cause extreme pain in the back, neck, leg or arm.
Tingling and numbing sensations. Nerves that have been affected by the herniated disc can result in numbness or tingling in the arms and legs.
Muscle weakness. Lifting or raising your arms or legs can be an effort from the weak muscles caused from the herniated disc.
Anyone who has been disabled with a herniated disc in Broward County should seek the assistance of a knowledgeable Broward County Social Security disability attorney.  An attorney that specializes in disability benefit cases can review your medical records and work with you to submit the proper paperwork and follow through.

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