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Drinking And Driving Vs. Texting While Driving In Florida

Most people view drinking and driving as wrong, but what about texting while driving? You may not be as outraged about texting from behind the wheel, but you should be.

Sadly, we do not view the two actions in the same light, but they are negligent driving behaviors that lead to Florida car accidents. And, in fact studies have shown that texting and driving is actually worse than drinking and driving.

Car and Driver magazine performed their own experiment and found out that texting while driving did greatly slow a driver’s reactions, even more so than drinking and driving.

Another study from the Transport Research Laboratory found that drivers who send text messages while driving dramatically increased their chances of being in a car crash in Florida and throughout the U.S.

Yet, other studies have shown that people are four times more likely to get into an accident if they are drinking and driving and eight times more likely to get into an accident if they are texting while driving.

Surprisingly, texting while driving is riskier than driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as indicated by these studies. This is mainly due to the fact that texting while driving takes a driver’s attention off their job of driving. When their eyes are off the road, hands off the wheel, and mind off the task of driving, car accidents could occur.

If you were injured in a South Florida car crash caused by a driver who was texting while driving or using their cell phone, you have legal rights. Find out from a skilled accident attorney on how to protect your rights and what compensation you may be entitled to in Fort Lauderdale.

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