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Dog Bites On The Job: What Do You Need To Know?


While most of us do not worry about the risk of a dog bite while doing our jobs, there are many different types of professions in South Florida in which workers are exposed to risks of dog bite injuries and injuries caused by animal attacks. Any type of delivery driver who delivers goods to consumer homes can be at risk of dog bite injuries, and workers who do their jobs onsite in workplaces with companion animals, or in retail environments where customers are allowed to bring dogs, can sustain dog bite injuries at work. You might be wondering if you can seek workers’ compensation benefits for a dog bite injury that happens on the job. You should know that workers’ compensation can cover many dog bite injuries, and a South Florida workers’ compensation attorney at our firm can help you to seek the compensation you need.

Learning More About Dog Bites at Work

 How and where do most work-related dog bite injuries happen? According to an article in Science Direct, mail delivery work and mail carriers sustain about 80 percent of work-related dog bite injuries. More generally, the following types of jobs tend to put workers at risk of dog bite injuries:

  • Mail delivery workers and mail carriers;
  • Food delivery workers;
  • Veterinarians;
  • Veterinary technicians; and
  • Dog walkers.

According to data from the USPS, more than 5,800 mail carriers were attacked by dogs in 2019, and that number actually represents a decrease from data logged in previous years. The USPS encourages homeowners to keep dogs in a separate room if they respond to a mail carrier or delivery worker to prevent the animal from “burst[ing] through screen doors or plate glass windows to attack visitors.” Dog bites affect mail carriers at higher rates in some cities and states. Based on USPS data, Florida has the eighth-highest rate of dog bite injuries among mail carriers.

Seeking Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Dog Bite Injuries 

Just like any other type of work-related injury, if your dog bite arose out of the course of your employment, you may be eligible to seek workers’ compensation benefits. In order to obtain benefits, Florida law requires you to report the injury to your employer within 30 days from the date of the dog attack. In addition to reporting the injury, you will need to see an approved healthcare provider and begin obtaining the medical treatment you need. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Sunrise can help to ensure that you take all necessary steps to obtain compensation after a dog bite injury at work.

Contact Our Fort Lauderdale Workers’ Compensation Attorneys 

Were you bitten by a dog or attacked by an animal while you were on the job? Dog bites actually happen more often to certain types of workers than many people think, and it is important to know that you can seek financial compensation and medical benefits by filing a workers’ compensation claim. One of our experienced Fort Lauderdale workers’ compensation lawyers can assist you with your case. Contact the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A. today for more information.


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