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Does FL Gun Control Bill Help Or Hurt The Mentally Ill?

Almost every person who struggles with mental illness seeks treatment for themselves, without being forced. For those who do not have a choice, they are involuntarily brought in for a mental evaluation, and with great persuasion and consideration, voluntarily agree to treatment. This process is nothing short of complex and problematic for all parties involved. Under Florida’s Baker Act, the gun-buying rights are restricted, for the mentally ill patients who are involuntarily admitted.

Florida’s new gun control measures presently seek to restrict gun-buying rights of persons with mental illness, even if they volunteer for treatment. Concerned members of the mental illness community and treatment specialists have growing apprehensions that this law could inhibit someone from seeking treatment that they desperately need.

Why not gun control for mentally ill?

Countless individuals diagnosed with some form of mental illness suffer from trauma that was caused by abuse and domestic violence. These survivors often go through various forms of treatment that involve self-defense, including use of a gun. Removing the right to bear arms, for many mentally ill persons, may be the last thing that could in fact prevent any future wrongful death against themselves or another. While gun-control enthusiasts propose that this law would prevent suicides and other acts of wrongful death, the answer could, in fact, become more of a problem. Experts argue that refusing the right to bear arms could dissuade an individual from seeking the very treatment they need. Professionals who treat the mentally ill are suggesting that the refusal to buy guns be decided on a case by case condition.
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