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Disability Benefits for Ambulatory Conditions in Broward County

There are many different problems that can result from a disorder of the spine that affect residents who may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits in Broward County.

One such spinal disorder that a Broward County resident may suffer from is the inability to ambulate effectively. That means a severe limitation of the ability to walk. Someone with extreme ambulation usually has insufficient lower extremity functions. This disables a person from movement such as walking without some type of assistance.

In order to ambulate properly an individual must be able to walk a sufficient distance without the aid of a device to carry out daily activities. It also means that you should be able to travel to and from work or school without the assistance of another person.

A Broward County resident suffering from an ambulatory condition may be eligible for disability benefits and should seek out the advice of an experienced Broward County attorney. There are many things that the Social Security Administration looks for when granting disability benefits. An experienced Broward County disability lawyer can review your situation to see if you are eligible for disability benefits.

Listed are examples of an ambulatory condition that may include but are not limited to:

•    Not being able to walk without the use of two crutches or canes
•    Not being able to walk without the use of a walker
•    The inability to walk at least one street block on an uneven or rough surface at a reasonable pace
•    Not being able to use public transportation such as subways, and buses
•    Not being able to do outside activities
•    Not being able to climb stairs at a reasonable pace while using a hand rail

To be approved for disability benefits there are many more things that the Social Security Administration will review such as medical records, physician reports, etc., before they approve your case. It is important that you contact a skilled Broward County disability attorney to review your case and help you get the results you need.

The Law Office of David Benenfeld has assisted many Broward County residents in getting their disability claims approved. Call today to schedule your free consultation at: 954-677-0155, and receive a FREE book:Can’t Work?  Maneuvering the Social Security Disability Claim’s Maze.

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