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Did An Elderly Driver Cause Your Florida Motorcycle Crash?

Motorcycle accidents occur far too often and cause very serious and fatal injuries. Sometimes a motorcyclist is at fault for the wreck, but typically other drivers fail to see motorcycles and cause crashes to occur. One such example of this is older drivers who have diminished eye sight.

There’s no denying that many older people live in Florida and drive the streets of Fort Lauderdale. In fact, the Sunshine State is one of the top states in this nation for crashes involving seniors. While seniors generally stay away from driving on interstates and highways due to the high speeds, motorcycle accidents can still occur on city streets at slower speeds. This is because elderly drivers have a harder time seeing small motorcycles due to their poor eye sight.

Unfortunately, failing eye sight can cause a senior to cause the following types of Florida motorcycle crashes, including:

  • Intersection Accidents. This type of crash occurs when a senior is sitting in the left-hand turn lane and determines there isn’t any traffic approaching from the opposite direction. As a result, the elderly driver proceeds to make the turn, but pulls out in front of a motorcycle he or she couldn’t see.

  • Right- or Left-hand Turn Accidents. This type of wreck happens when an older driver is sitting in a driveway or parking lot exit waiting for traffic to clear before pulling out into the street. Unfortunately, the driver fails to see a motorcycle and pulls out of the driveway only to side swipe the motorcyclist.

  • Lane Changing Accidents. This type of crash occurs when elderly drivers cannot turn their heads far enough to check their blind spots or don’t have peripheral vision to spot a motorcyclists in the next lane. As a result, the driver moves over into the lane the motorcycle is traveling in, causing a wreck.

Because eye sight can change at any time among the elderly population, it is critical that all seniors get their eyes checked regularly and stop driving when they feel their eyes have changed or took a turn for the worse. By taking this preventative measure, elderly drivers can help reduce the chance of causing a motorcycle accident in Florida.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash caused by an elderly driver or any careless driver, you have the rights to seek financial compensation for your damages and losses. To find out about your rights to a financial recovery, contact a skilled motorcycle accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale at the Law Offices of David Benenfeld at 954-677-0155 for a free consultation today.

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