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Deerfield Beach Car Accident Lawyer

Serving Car Accident Victims in Deerfield Beach and Broward County

Deerfield Beach in Broward County, Florida, draws in locals and tourists alike to attractions such as Deerfield Beach Island and Quiet Water Park. The high population density and heavy traffic, however, give Deerfield Beach more than its share of car accidents. Although the Florida personal injury compensation system is complex and confusing, fear not — Deerfield Beach car accident lawyer, David M. Benenfeld, is a fighter, and he is ready to go to the mat for you.

You Probably Won’t End Up in Court

The irony of practicing personal injury law is that the more successful we are in court, the less and less we end up there. That is because opposing parties, aware of our fearsome reputation, choose to settle rather than risk a courtroom battle. This is usually (but not always) the way that David M. Benenfeld’s clients end up resolving their personal injury claims. But if push comes to shove, we remain ready to fight it out in court.

Insurance Adjusters Are Tricky

Insurance adjusters use many strategies to deny or reduce the value of your claim, especially if it is sizeable. The following are only a few examples:

  • The lullaby strategy: Lulling you into complacency with constant small delays until the statute of limitation deadline runs out on your claim.
  • The Facebook strategy: Spying on your social media accounts, or those of your friends, looking for evidence that your injuries are not as serious as you are claiming (an uploaded photo of you enjoying yourself at a party, for example).
  • The fishing trip strategy: Having you sign over complete access to your medical records, which they will then comb through looking for a pre-existing condition that might explain your injuries.

Florida Car Accident FAQs

My wife died in a truck accident that was caused by the other driver. Can I sue the driver?

The other driver is likely to be liable under Florida’s wrongful death statute. Strictly speaking, it is the personal representative of your wife’s probate estate who must file a wrongful death lawsuit. Since you are her spouse, however, it is likely that the court will name you the personal representative. Regardless, however, if the lawsuit is successful, you are likely to be entitled to a very significant amount of compensation.

When does the statute of limitations deadline expire?

In Florida, the statute of limitations deadline to file a personal injury lawsuit is usually four years after the date of the accident. If the victim died in the accident, however, the victim’s estate’s personal representative has only two years, starting from the date of death.

Do I need to obtain a copy of the police report?

A police report is not absolutely necessary to reach a settlement or file a lawsuit. It is important, however. If it favors you, then you should use it as evidence, but if it is unfavorable, then you are going to need to know what it says so that you can counter it. A police report is also important to secure a smooth insurance settlement.

Should I seek medical treatment even if I don’t think I was seriously injured?

Yes, absolutely. Some injuries, especially head injuries and soft tissue injuries, may take time to show symptoms. If you delay a medical examination, you are inviting the insurance company to claim that your injury did not occur until after the accident and for some other reason.

No Fees, Ever, Unless We Win Your Case

We won’t charge you a dime, ever, unless we win your case. In fact, your bill will never come due until your money actually arrives in the bank. We can afford to do this because David M. Benenfeld rarely loses a case.

Move Quickly and Decisively for Optimal Results

The sooner you begin pursuing your claim, the better your chances will be. If you were injured in a car accident that occurred in Florida, or if a family member of yours has been killed that way, call Deerfield Beach car accident lawyer, David M. Benenfeld, at 954-807-1334, or fill out our online form to set up a free consultation. We serve clients in Century Village, Lakeview, Arlington Park, and elsewhere in Deerfield Beach.

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